Magic Sleek

Looking for silky, shiny, and smooth hair?

At Kim’s hair salon, we are now providing MAGIC SLEEK. Obtaining zero health risks and side effects unlike other products, it is 100% formaldehyde free. Without any harsh chemicals, Magic Sleek is safe for men and women of all ages and can be used on bleached hair, ethnic hair, and even virgin hair.

One of Magic Sleek’ s ingredients include tannin, which is commonly used in tanneries to leave leather waterproof, soft, flexible, and unbreakable. Others include Argan oil extract, which provides moisture to the hair. Lastly, Amino Acids that moisturize the cuticles (tissue on the surface of the hair which plays important role in water retention). With decreased amount of amino acids produce badly damaged cuticles and dry hair.

Simply put, Magic Sleek holds unique combinations of Tannins, Argan oil extracts, and Amino Acids factors which separate apart from any other hair straightening systems today.


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